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Filling Appointment Books Through Meaningful Engagement

We function as an extension of your business geared towards finding and innovating ways to maximise sales opportunities

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Why Telemarketing Is Not Going Anywhere

Add our lead generation and nurturing specialists to your sales team

Since 2010, our Australian lead generation and appointment booking specialists have been the secret weapon for more than hundreds of sales and business development teams in hitting their targets and growing their business. We serve as an extension of your team, helping you to grow your client base, market share, and revenue through finding, engaging, and qualifying leads. 

We specialise in B2B, SAAS, and allied health lead generation, but there aren’t many service businesses we haven’t worked with, so if you’re wondering how we can help, let’s chat!

At Gen Leads, we:

  • Help identify your needs and target market
  • Contact the right person at the right time
  • Organise face-to-face appointments
  • Perform database cleansing
  • Oversee client welcoming and onboarding
  • Deliver product trials and demonstration campaigns
  • Become an extension of your marketing team
About Genleads


We inspire action through genuine, meaningful, person-to-person conversation

Genuine relationships are formed through genuine conversations – that’s why you’ll never find our team following a script on your behalf. 

From email and instant messaging to chatbots and auto-fill messaging options, the world of business and marketing has changed. Sales teams can be hard-pressed to find the time to engage in meaningful conversations with prospects these days, and when they do get the time, they struggle with knowing what to say!

In our experience, business development personnel either want to cut to the chase, or they don’t get their pitch in at all. 

Gen Leads knows the art of the phone conversation and how to deliver qualified leads, saving clients time and money. 

Our professional team of Australian-based booking coordinators fill your appointment books and drive engagement with your brand through proactive telemarketing solutions. By embedding ourselves within your team and culture, we ensure your message is delivered to the right business, in the right manner, at the right time. 

Mission, Vision & Values

Gen Leads provides meaningful engagement that builds rapport on your behalf from the very first point of contact.

We believe people come before the product, which is why we guarantee to nurture the relationship and ensure prospects are ready to be contacted by your sales team.

We’re committed to securing great results for our clients, and that comes down to the people we employ and the systems we use. We only work with articulate, mature, and confident Australian English-speaking booking consultants to guarantee a professional telemarketing service that supports and enhances your good reputation.

We value the culture, brand, and goals of our clients and embody these unique attributes with every prospect we engage with. We make it our mission to foster trust, build lasting relationships, and deliver success through campaigns that we individually create and curate, whether you’re looking to build your client database or nurture existing clientele.

Our Mission
Our Vision
Our Values


Working with Gen Leads means you have a solid strategy in place that not only generates new business leads, but builds brand awareness, fills your sales pipeline and books appointments for you.

See how others have benefitted from a Gen Leads action plan.