B2B Appointment Setting

We’ve taken our experience, knowledge, charisma, and professionalism and grown our business, as well as hundreds of businesses like yours, by building genuine relationships and scheduling promising appointments.

Appointment Setting

We’ve been generating leads since well before the age of digital marketing. That’s why our booking coordinators know that nothing builds connections, fills appointment books, and delivers more sales than the human-to-human art of conversation.

It’s not uncommon for business development and sales managers to neglect appointment-setting services. Whether you’re swamped looking after existing clients or simply lack the drive and enthusiasm to sit on the phone all day, Gen Leads has the solution.

Gen Leads guarantees to bring personality and professionalism to every call we make. We know what prospects look for in SaaS, allied health, and B2B services, and we have the skills and experience to convert leads into potential customers.

How we turn calls into sales – the law of reciprocity

We don’t sound scripted… because we’re not!

Nothing gets prospects off the phone faster than a scripted cold call coming from an unknown number. Gen Leads’ Australian-based, English-speaking team of marketing professionals is skilled in natural, professional conversation which builds rapport and establishes warm relationships.

Solid relationships don’t form in a 60-second phone call and we recognize that your prospects are likely to be busy at work when we call.  That’s why we speak with leads to arrange a suitable time to talk further. It’s a mark of respect and the law of reciprocity says that when you do something for someone, they feel compelled to return the favour. When we do get to speak again, the lead is appreciative of our respect for their time and in turn, they respect the time we have together on our call.

When we set an appointment for your team, you can rest assured that the prospect needs the solution you offer and wants to talk further.

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Review. Refine. React.

Just like with conversation, our campaign strategies are dynamic and changeable. Not every approach will work for every lead. To ensure we hit the right target, we undertake trial calls based on a buyer persona before generating the strategy that will best fill your appointment books. For maximum results, we’ll keep testing until we find the right fit for your audience.

Our priority is getting the best leads for our clients. If a campaign is not yielding the results you deserve, we’ll stop, regroup, and refine our approach. Once any relevant changes are approved, we’ll get back to making calls until you’re satisfied with your appointment schedules.

Appointment Setting

From setting to selling - it all starts with a conversation.

Working with Gen Leads means you have a solid strategy in place that not only generates new business leads, but builds brand awareness, fills your sales pipeline and books appointments for you.