B2B Lead Generation
and Appointment Setting 

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Increase your sales with B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting service.

Often we hear businesses and sales managers talk about B2B appointment setting and, we can quite often tell that this is something that they either do not have the time for or have the enthusiasm for – but we do! Gen Leads was created before the age of digital marketing.

When we first started and needed leads and potential sales we had no option but to pick up the phone and to start calling. By pursuing this method to grow our own business (we still use it today) we have been able to experience what our clients do when going through a leads generation campaign.

We have been able to our take our experience, knowledge, sass and professionalism to not only grow our own business but to grow hundreds of other businesses with our B2B appointment setting services.

When you use Gen Leads to complete call campaigns for your SaaS / online business you are giving your call campaigns the life, personality and professionalism that they need to win over and create relationships with your potential clients.

Our staff are all English speaking and understand the importance of not sounding scripted, adding life to the calls and creating relationships with the leads while being professional.

During the call our staff will warm up and nurture leads until they are ready to be contacted by your sales department.

Gen Leads understands the importance of having industry knowledge and local understanding when completing a call campaign which means we will ensure that we are aware of any industry deadlines or public holidays that may occur during the B2B appointment setting campaign that may affect us speaking to prospects.

We also have an understanding of how busy people are when we call a lead, so we will work with the lead to arrange a more convenient time to talk to them. Allowing the prospects to choose a time that suits them eliminates the feeling of “harassment” and they know we are there to work with them and possibly offer them a solution via your offering.

Not sure who your target audience is? That’s not a problem, we can complete trial calls based on a buyer / lead persona before we embark on a complete lead generation strategy for you. By testing this persona we know if this can or cannot become your target audience. We will keep testing until we find the right fit.

We want our clients to achieve the best possible outcome from our call campaigns which is why when Gen Leads completes an B2B appointment setting call campaign if we are not getting the desired results either we or the client are hoping for we will stop the campaign.

If we feel a campaing is not getting the success it our our client deserves,  we will organise to regroup and go over any relevant changes that we feel need to be made before commencing with the calls.

Our priority is always about getting our clients the best results proving that we continue to bring value on any call campaign we take on.

Fill your sales pipeline with warm and qualified leads!

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Identify prospects and creating an effective prospects list.


Building a database, data cleaning and identifying decision makers.


Distributing personalised letters to every decision maker recognized as having interest in purchasing your product or service


Calling decision makers discussing the letter and setting appointments. If the lead is not ready we will nurture them on your behalf until a sale can be made.

Relationship Building

Regular ongoing contact with decision makers to build rapport and nurture.