Retaining customers is more than just sales - it's about relationships

If you want to build a thriving business, you need to take care of your biggest assets – Customers.

Leads, Customers & Sales is the lifeline that any business needs to survive. 

Many businesses make the mistake of focusing on lead generation and new clients, often not realising that client retention can increase revenue by 68%! 

By having a customer retention strategy in place, it is anticipated that you will spend five times less than what you would trying to acquire new clients. 

Quite often we see businesses putting their efforts into new client acquisitions and once that client signs up they are on to the next. They often forget that customer retention is nurturing an ongoing relationship with a client and is a process on its own, that provides a long lasting and loyal sales cycle.

You are 40% more likely to upsell to an existing client then you are selling a new customer.

We often see salespeople not think of the potential ongoing needs of a client – and if they are looked after correctly the sales that they will bring with them through not just their own needs, but through referrals too. 

With the millions of attractive ads on social media we don’t deny that clients may be tempted to look at other brands and their service offerings BUT by having an ongoing relationship with your client they will be less tempted to sign up to your competitor, simply because they appreciate the relationship they have with you, that is built on compassion for their needs. And they know these types of relationships are hard to find and can take months to build.

Via our customer retention services, Gen Leads has been able to increase our client’s revenue quickly whilst at the same time assisting our clients with ensuring the relationships they have are strong and healthy and ensuring all client data is correct. 

Whilst a monthly marketing email may be a great quick option it doesn’t allow for relationships to be built and maintained. Gen Leads uses human interaction for our customer retention services. We have found that by speaking to your clients directly we are more successful in connecting with them, maintaining relationships and upselling when and where possible.

When using our customer retention services, we ensure that our staff have been trained on your product, the sales process, lead nurturing and assisting in closing sales. Your sales team will grow by a minimum of two people all for the cost of hiring one staff member when you use our highly qualified team! 


A successful campaign is determined by your planning and action.

Work with Genleads and you’ll always have a solid Plan A and you’ll ensure that every single lead is actioned without question. No more wasted resources