What is lead generation?
Lead generation is the process of finding and attracting prospective clients and converting them into a lead who has an interest in your product/service.

How important is lead generation?
Lead generation is extremely important to businesses that are wishing to grow and expand. Without any lead generation strategies in place your business risks your sales pipeline becoming empty and you having no prospective clients on the horizon.

What is B2B lead generation?
B2B lead generation stands for B2B lead generation. This is when a business finds and targets another business who they think would benefit from using their product/service.

What is outbound lead generation?
Outbound lead generation is when the push marketing strategy is used, whether the prospect has expressed interest in the service or not. Outbound lead generation or interruption marketing is when you take your product/service to the prospect rather than waiting for the prospect to come to you.

What is inbound lead generation?
Inbound lead generation is when you run a marketing campaign that attracts prospects that could be looking for your product/service.

Is outbound or inbound lead generation better?
It really does depend on who you ask and what you are hoping to achieve from a lead generation campaign. At Gen Leads we believe the best option is to complete a tri-marketing campaign which is when you use both inbound and outbound lead generation to achieve the best results.

Is lead generation sales or marketing?
Lead generation is both! There is sales lead generation which is often (but not limited to) an outbound lead generation strategy and marketing lead generation which is often an inbound marketing strategy.

What is the difference between sales and marketing?
Marketing is the process of building brand awareness and attracting prospective clients to your business. Sales is the process of converting prospective clients into paying clients.

What is appointment setting?
Appointment setting is when an appointment is set between a member of the sales team and a prospective client. The purpose of the meeting is to have an initial conversation about a product/service that the prospective has shown interest in.

What is telemarketing?
Telemarketing is when a sales agent contacts a prospective client via the telephone with the purpose of speaking to the prospect about buying their product or service.

What is cold calling?
Cold calling is when you reach out to what would be prospective clients with the purpose of introducing them to your product/service.

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Why should l care about my Sales pipeline?
Your sale pipeline shows you at what stage of the buying cycle your prospective clients are. It shows you where you should be focusing your efforts to ensure that no prospect is left behind.

What is lead nurturing?
Lead nurturing is the process of developing and nurturing a relationship with a prospective client until they are ready to purchase from you.

Why is lead nurturing important?
Lead nurturing allows you to build relationships with prospective clients until they are ready to buy from you. A client who knows, likes, and trusts you is more likely to become a long-term client who refers other clients to you because of their relationship with you.

What is client re-engagement?
Client re-engagement is when you reach out to previous clients with the aim of converting them back to being clients.

Why is client re-engagement important?
Client re-engagement is an important and effortless part of any marketing strategy. Customer retention can increase profits by 75%

Where is Gen Leads based?
Gen Leads is an Australian-based Company with all of our call teams based on the east coast of Australia. Our head office is currently located in Surry Hills, NSW.

How is the qualification standard set on a campaign?
When Gen Leads works on a campaign, we work with the client to set the qualification standard. Prospective clients who do not meet the set standards are nurtured until they do.

How do you know who to include on the database?
During our initial kick-off call with you, we go over the who, what, and where of prospective clients, we then go away and create a database based on the information provided by you. We do ask if one is available that an exclusion list to be sent to us to ensure that any current or previous client are included on the list.

What do you do if a campaign isn’t getting results?
Every campaign we work on has a soft launch phase. During this two-week period, we test to ensure we are not only targeting the right industries, the right people, and talking about the right products but that the dialogue is being well received. If we find that any of the above is not right we will work with you on correcting this before going back and retesting the campaign before going into a full-scale launch.

A successful campaign is determined by your planning and action.

Work with Genleads and you’ll always have a solid Plan A and you’ll ensure that every single lead is actioned without question. No more wasted resources