How We Work

Our approach to work is centered around collaboration, expertise, and delivering exceptional results.

Our Process

Lead Target

Identify prospects and creating an effective prospect list.

Lead Attract

Build a database, data cleaning and identifying decision makers

Lead Engage

Distribute personalised letters to every decision maker recognized as having interest in purchasing your product or service.

Lead Nurture

Call decision makers discussing the letter and setting appointment. If the leads are not ready we will nurture them on your behalf until a sale can be made.

relationship building

Regular ongoing contact with decision maker to build rapport and nurture.

Our Strategies

Our refined lead generation strategies have been successful in generating thousands of successful sales calls for our clients. We are engaged by a range of businesses across the Saas and online spectrum because of our knowledge and experience in the industry. Our clients also trust us to deliver the results they need and to protect their brands.

When trying to generate leads, a very careful lead generation strategy must be implemented. We have constantly proven that leads respond to professional communication that is prepared for, positioned and conducted properly like a genuine business call and not a spammy cold call. We have experience in fine-tuning both the target and the delivery of our clients’ message to build a strong relationship and maximise sales opportunities.

Each campaign has a custom playbook created which details information such as:

The Company – information about the client
The Campaign – information about the campaign that we will be completing
F.A.Q’s – Frequently asked questions about the Company and its products and services
The Dialogue – the dialogue that will be used by the call team
The Email Template – the email template that will be sent to prospects if an email is requested

Once drafted the playbook is sent to the client for approval before being published and distributed to the call team.

The playbook becomes the “Bible” which the call team will use throughout the campaign.

Our Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Allied Health
Case Study 2 - Saas
Case Study 3 - Roadshow
Case Study 4 - Database
Case Study 5 - IT

A successful campaign is determined by your planning and action.

Work with Genleads and you’ll always have a solid Plan A and you’ll ensure that every single lead is actioned without question. No more wasted resources