Delivering exceptional results with a proven system

Gen Leads’ approach to lead generation, nurturing, and appointment setting draws on more than 10 years of expertise and places lasting relationships at the core of our work. Our systemised (yet highly tailored) approach ensures we achieve great results for our clients every time.

The Gen Leads Approach

Our people before product methodology builds quality, longer-lasting relationships than the traditional cold-calling approach. 

Here’s how we make the most of every lead to book more meetings and convert more sales.



Our consultants will coordinate any marketing or email campaigns running internally and plan our action accordingly. The last thing we want to do is double up (or worse - contradict) any messaging you’re already sending out.


Understanding your product means understanding your team as well. We want to know your culture, your brand and your voice, so we’ll spend time getting to know you and the product so we’re best equipped to handle any simple objections that may arise during our calls. This helps us respond better to your customers and capitalise on all opportunities to build trust and rapport.


If you’re operating in a competitive space, it’s important we know your key competitors so we can make note of any core differences that are likely to drive prospects your way. Our goal is to generate leads and keep them interested – and what better way to do that than to show them what makes your business unique.


There’s no such thing as a perfect campaign. Every time we pull the trigger to start talking to prospects, we ensure that we have the measures in place to manage the outcome. This is a collaborative process. We’ll work with you and advise if something isn’t quite right or think a small adjustment will help improve the final results.

The Gen Leads Playbook: Strategies that WORK

Our client playbooks have generated thousands of successful calls for our clients. 

Ready to get your custom playbook?

The Gen Leads Playbook

Clients trust us to protect their brand and deliver outstanding results. 

We earn trust by implementing strategies that work. A carefully considered plan geared towards the key decision makers of your target market is what sets the Gen Leads approach apart from a scattergun (and spammy!) cold call approach. 

We’ve developed the playbook for success: a campaign outline that’s been finely tuned to your target market to deliver messaging that will build strong relationships and maximise sales opportunities.

A campaign blueprint custom built for YOU

To build genuine connections, you need genuine people-to-people interaction. We know scripted cold calls and cookie-cutter campaigns don’t generate leads – or help lift your brand reputation.

Every Gen Leads campaign is supported by a custom playbook that our experienced team uses as its trusted source throughout the campaign. It includes key information, such as:

Our booking consultants act as an extension of your business, so we need to know you inside and out. We’ll collate information about your messaging, culture, purpose, and product to ensure we’re accurately representing your brand when speaking to your leads.

We outline all key features of the campaign we’ll undertake on your behalf. This covers what we’re doing and who we’re targeting, as well as the how, when, and why. We ensure the right message is delivered to the right prospect at the right time and this is where you’ll see our refined strategy take shape.

Our talented team members are quick-thinking and creative, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. We research and collate a list of frequently asked questions about your business, products, and services to ensure we present accurate information and knowledge of your brand. This builds authenticity and promotes trust, which warms your leads towards making a sale.

We don’t use scripts. Scripts don’t build connections and they certainly don’t make sales. But having consistent messaging is important. The Dialogue outlines what the call team will be delivering to prospects without the cold, static feel of set wording, allowing the conversation to flow naturally while still presenting the key points.

Conversation is king and we know nothing beats the personal touch of a good conversation. But sometimes interested prospects request an email and we draft a template to be used by our call team as needed.

Once you’ve approved the playbook, it’s published and distributed to the team delivering your campaign. Then it’s time for our elite consultants to do what they do best: fill your books.

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