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Lead Generation Services

Gen Leads is an Australian-based lead generation marketing agency supporting SaaS, Allied Health and B2B businesses with a focus on online services across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, USA and the United Kingdom.

Our finely tuned approach combines the strengths of both inbound and outbound generation strategies to produce highly successful campaigns that increase sales, heighten brand reputation and build relationships that last.

Inbound Lead Generation

Focuses on ‘pulling’ leads towards your brand
Common strategies include SEO, appealing landing pages, blogs, websites and eBooks
Utilises channels that drive leads to engage with you brand

Outbound Lead Generation

‘Pushes’ your brand out into the world
Usually consists of outbound calls, direct emails, print media and pop-ups
Aims to attract leads who are ready to become customers (as in, they’re wanting to buy!)

People-centric marketing for people-centric business

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We care about our clients – just as you care about yours. Which is why we measure our success against your success.

In the fast-paced digital world, many businesses rely solely on inbound tactics to generate new sales leads. While inbound attraction is certainly an important function in any marketing strategy, this alone will not win you sales – or loyal, repeat customers. 

Outbound lead generation embraces the age-old power of human conversation, an art that the Gen Leads team has truly mastered. When used in conjunction with inbound strategies to gain a prospect’s attention, one-to-one telemarketing conversations offer the personal connection needed to nurture engagement and interest.

The Gen Leads approach combines the strengths of in-bound and out-bound marketing strategies to create a dynamic lead generation campaign.

Overcome “Middle of the Funnel” (MOFU) stagnation

You’ve pulled prospects to the top of your funnel with engaging website copy and social media aesthetics, but now what? Their shields are up. They’re ignoring your messages. Welcome to the challenging MOFU (middle of the funnel) stage. 

When your prospect is MOFU, they’ve floated through your funnel thanks to some shiny objects you offered along the way that piqued their interest. But that doesn’t mean they’re ready to buy. At this stage, nurturing a stronger relationship is critical to directing your lead through the rest of the funnel, or you risk losing them to a new shiny object elsewhere.  

Gen Leads uses skillful strategies to minimise MOFU stagnation. We help prospects identify the problem they need you to solve and build awareness and affinity for your brand. We focus on delivering the right conversation at the right time, ensuring no effort is wasted or opportunity missed.

Lead generation brings potential buyers into the sales funnel but lead nurturing is what turns prospects into customers.

Lead nurturing is proven to increase the likelihood and rate at which a prospect buys from you. In fact, according to marketing studies, companies that invest in lead nurturing see a 45% lift in lead generation. If your business isn’t investing in lead nurturing, you can bet your MOFU prospects will soon be nurtured by a competitor who does.

Amplify your sales pipeline and improve conversion.