How to Outsource Your BDM To Benefit Your Business

Companies must stay ahead and constantly adapt to new trends and updates in today’s fast-paced business world. Outsourcing your BDM is a modern approach that many successful businesses implement to maximise their sales potential.

By partnering with Gen Leads, you can benefit from a team of experts who will free up your time, provide cost-effective solutions, and help drive your sales growth. Our outsourced BDM services are tailored to your business needs, keeping up with the latest trends and updates to ensure maximum effectiveness.

In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of outsourcing your BDM and how Gen Leads can help your business stay ahead of the curve. Get ready to unleash your sales potential and take your business to the next level!
What is a Business Development Manager?

Staying ahead of the curve requires innovation and proactivity in today’s competitive business world. A Business Development Manager (BDM) plays a vital role in identifying opportunities, building relationships with clients and partners, and expanding into new markets.

So, what is a Business Development Manager? Simply put, a BDM is responsible for identifying and pursuing new business opportunities for a company. They are the driving force behind a company’s growth and expansion plans. A BDM is typically tasked with various responsibilities, including market research, lead generation, relationship building, and sales.

Depending on the business, a BDM’s function may change, but generally speaking, they are in charge of creating and executing plans to expand the clientele, boost sales, and boost profitability. They collaborate closely with other departments like marketing and sales to find prospective prospects and develop a successful plan.

Some of the key responsibilities of a Business Development Manager include:

  1. Identify new business opportunities
  2. Conduct market research and analysis to determine trends and opportunities
  3. Develop and implement a sales strategy to target potential clients and partners
  4. Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, including clients, partners, and investors
  5. Collaborate with other departments, such as marketing and sales, to execute campaigns
  6. Evaluate the success of sales strategies and make adjustments as needed.

Let’s look at why having a BDM is crucial for organisations now that we understand what a BDM is and what they do.

1.  BDM expands customer base

As a key team member, a Business Development Manager (BDM) plays a vital role in identifying new business opportunities and expanding the company’s customer base. With their expertise in the industry, a BDM can help to grow revenue and increase profitability by identifying untapped markets and potential clients. A BDM can help the company grow and succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace by leveraging its interpersonal skills and industry knowledge.

2. Revenue and profitability increase

A skilled and experienced Business Development Manager (BDM) can be a game-changer for any company looking to increase its revenue and profitability. By devising and implementing effective sales strategies, they can help identify new opportunities and foster strong relationships with clients and partners, increasing business and sales success. With their expert guidance and insight, a BDM can help drive growth and take your company to new heights.

3.  Gain a competitive edge

Innovation and proactivity are the keys to success in today’s highly competitive business environment. Proactively identifying new opportunities and developing effective strategies is essential for businesses to gain an advantage over competitors and remain competitive. It requires a willingness to innovate and adapt to changing market conditions

A skilled Business Development Manager (BDM) can provide invaluable assistance in this regard, helping companies to navigate the complexities of the market and stay ahead of the competition. With their expertise and experience, BDMs can help companies to think creatively and develop innovative solutions that can help them to achieve their goals and succeed in today’s challenging business landscape.

4. Brand awareness enhancement

A skilled Business Development Manager (BDM) can boost a company’s brand awareness by implementing targeted marketing and sales campaigns. By forging strong relationships with clients and partners, a BDM can help to establish and enhance the company’s reputation in the market, ultimately leading to increased brand recognition and customer loyalty. 

With their expertise in identifying and capitalising on new business opportunities, a BDM can drive growth and profitability for the company while ensuring that the brand’s message is delivered consistently and effectively to its target audience. 

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Why Outsource Your BDM?

As a business owner, you always look for ways to streamline your operations and improve your bottom line. Outsourcing has become a popular solution to achieve these goals, and one area where outsourcing can be particularly effective is business development management (BDM). 

In addition to cost savings and expert knowledge, there are several other advantages to outsourcing your BDM. 

Savings on costs

Indeed, one of the most significant advantages of outsourcing your business development manager (BDM) is cost savings. Specifically, hiring a full-time BDM can be expensive when you factor in salary, benefits, and other associated costs. However, by outsourcing, you can pay only for the services you need when you need them. It can be especially beneficial for smaller businesses that may not have the budget to hire a full-time BDM.

Specialised Expertise Access

You can obtain specialised knowledge that you might not have in-house by outsourcing your BDM. An outsourcing firm with a good reputation will employ BDM specialists with years of expertise and knowledge of current industry trends and best practices. You can find new chances and make wise business judgements with the assistance of this knowledge.


By outsourcing your BDM, you gain the flexibility to adjust your resources based on your business needs. You can quickly respond to market changes while focusing on your core competencies. Plus, you can leave the BDM functions to the professionals.

Addressing Questions or Remarks

Some business owners might be hesitant to outsource their BDM despite the benefits. Loss of control is one frequent worry. However, outsourcing businesses frequently collaborate closely with them to ensure they are fulfilling their client’s needs and objectives. Maintaining control over your BDM tasks requires effective communication.

Another objection that businesses may have regarding outsourcing is communication challenges. However, outsourcing companies recognise the significance of communication and will strive to establish clear lines of communication with their clients. Regular meetings, reports, and updates can help ensure everyone is on the same page. Therefore, it is important to remember that outsourcing can be viable for businesses despite potential communication challenges.

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How To Choosing the Right Outsourced BDM for Your Business?

Your business may benefit from outsourcing your business development management (BDM). It not only frees up your internal resources, but it can also give you access to specialised knowledge and abilities that can advance your company. However, the success of your business depends on selecting the best outsourced BDM. 

Here are some suggestions for choosing the ideal outsourced BDM for your company.

Assessment of Their Experience

When searching for an outsourced business development manager, it is important to prioritise their experience. It would be best if they had a documented history of achievements within your industry or a related one. Request references and examples of past projects to examine how they have assisted other businesses with their expansion objectives. Seek out someone who thoroughly comprehends your target audience and can offer valuable guidance to enhance your sales and marketing campaigns.

Qualifications Are Important

When selecting an outsourced BDM, it is crucial to consider their qualifications. Searching for an individual with suitable credentials, like a business administration or marketing degree, is advisable. Additionally, seeking someone with specific sales, marketing, and business development training is recommended. A competent BDM can offer you the direction to remain competitive in your industry.

Ability to Communicate

Having effective communication skills is essential when collaborating with an outsourced BDM. It is important to seek a receptive candidate who can effectively express their thoughts and proposals. This person should be capable of working together with your team to create and implement a complete business development plan. Moreover, they should be able to convey intricate concepts simply and understandably for everyone involved.

Keep Cultural Fit in Mind

When selecting a BDM for outsourcing purposes, it is crucial not to underestimate the significance of cultural alignment. Choosing someone who comprehends your company culture and shares similar values is essential. The ideal candidate should have the ability to collaborate smoothly with your team and be flexible enough to adapt to your organisation’s processes and procedures. An outsourced BDM who fits well with your culture will be able to integrate into your organisation promptly and produce results right away.

Matching Business Objectives

Selecting an external BDM who shares the same objectives as your company is crucial. It is essential that they comprehend your enterprise’s vision and can support you in accomplishing your extended goals. They should be capable of crafting a personalised business development plan customised to your requirements and objectives.

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Benefits of Using Outsourced BDMs for Your Business

Outsourcing Business Development Managers (BDMs) can benefit your business through expertise, cost savings, flexibility, market research and analysis, and revenue growth. BDMs can improve your sales strategy, generate leads, build client relationships, and increase revenue. Ultimately, outsourced BDMs can be a valuable resource in driving your business growth and success.

1. Increased Sales

Engaging outsourced business development managers can boost sales by creating result-oriented plans and discovering untapped prospects. Their proficiency in examining and deciphering market trends and customer conduct can facilitate you in pinpointing your audience with greater precision. Furthermore, they can aid you in constructing and nurturing alliances with current and prospective customers, leading to a hike in sales.

2. Improved Market Insights

The knowledge and experience possessed by outsourced BDMs in different industries are valuable in providing insights into your industry. These insights include market trends, competitors, and customer behaviour, which can aid in making informed business decisions like resource allocation and sales process optimisation.

3. Enhanced Customer Relationships

Hiring external business development managers (BDMs) can aid in establishing and preserving robust connections with your customers. It can offer personalised services to your clients, such as personalised product options and advertising messages. Moreover, they can supply valuable feedback from your customers, which can assist you in enhancing your products and services.

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How do you manage Outsourced BDMs?

Companies can expand their business reach without the costs of a full-time employee by outsourcing Business Development Managers (BDMs). However, managing outsourced BDMs can present challenges. To ensure the outsourced BDM is aligned with business objectives and working towards the same goals as the in-house team, it’s important to establish clear expectations, define the scope of work, set specific goals and timelines, and communicate any unique business model nuances.

Regular Communication

Regular communication is crucial for managing outsourced BDMs effectively. It involves scheduling regular check-ins to review progress, address issues, and make adjustments. Open communication channels through email, phone, or video conferencing can help establish a strong working relationship and ensure that the outsourced BDM feels supported and engaged.

Set Measurable Goals

Managing outsourced BDMs requires setting measurable goals with key performance indicators (KPIs). Tracking progress, evaluating effectiveness, and ensuring the BDM adds value is possible through KPIs. Successful management of outsourced BDMs involves establishing a reporting process for progress and results communication.

Pitfalls to Avoid

When managing outsourced BDMs, it’s important to avoid potential pitfalls if you want to expand your business effectively. One common mistake is treating the outsourced BDM as a separate entity instead of an integrated part of your team, leading to a lack of alignment and understanding of your business objectives. Another mistake is micromanaging the outsourced BDM, which can hinder their ability to work independently and cause frustration.

Final Thought

Gen Leads can help you find a reliable outsourced BDM. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can support the growth of your business. With the right outsourced BDM, your business can benefit from increased expertise, cost savings, flexibility, and market research and analysis. However, effective management of outsourced BDMs requires establishing clear expectations, setting measurable goals, and establishing a reporting process. 

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How can outsourcing BDMs benefit my business?

Gen Leads can be a great choice for businesses looking to outsource their business development managers (BDMs) and benefit from increased expertise, cost savings, flexibility, and market research and analysis. By outsourcing BDMs, businesses can expand their reach and generate revenue growth. However, it’s important to establish clear expectations, set measurable goals, and establish a reporting process to manage outsourced BDMs effectively.

What are some potential challenges with outsourcing?

Outsourcing can present several potential challenges. These challenges may include language barriers, cultural differences, time zone differences, lack of control over the outsourced operations, and potential communication issues. Additionally, outsourcing may result in reduced quality control, increased risk of data breaches, and potential legal issues related to intellectual property rights and contract disputes. It is important for companies to consider these potential challenges carefully and to establish clear communication and quality control processes with their outsourcing partners to mitigate these risks.

What are some measurable goals I can set for outsourced BDMs?

Outsourced BDMs can set measurable goals, including increasing lead generation, closing more deals, improving conversion rates, and increasing revenue. KPIs such as the number of qualified leads generated, conversion rate, and revenue growth can be used to track progress and measure success.