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At Gen Leads, we are dedicated to offering outbound membership services to improve your businesses’ customer acquisition and membership retention and create sustainable and long-term relationships with your members.

Memberships are a great way for almost any business to find loyal customers while making good revenue. However, keeping most of your members intrigued and interested throughout their lives is not easy with just your products and services, as we know the utility one would obtain from them will keep diminishing.

For successful businesses with paid membership bases, keeping in regular contact with your members is crucial to reducing your churn rate. When you make your members feel valued and important, they are more likely to remain loyal members of your business.

Our conversion-focused approach emphasizes the importance of engaging with your members through regular verbal contact. This creates a sense of membership value and encourages them to stay as members.

The number of potential leads you need to try to convince to become members, and the amount of resources you have to spend on it, is seldom worth it if you are not able to retain them for long. Thus, no business should lose potential members and valuable revenue, and Gen Leads is here to make sure of that. Strengthening your relationship with members is the key to saving huge costs and making great profits.

Our research shows that despite having a membership, members still crave that personal touch. Let us step into the shoes of our members for a few seconds. If you are a member of an organization and the products or services you are getting are not up to your expectations, you are likely to make one of two decisions. You will either cancel the membership or call in to raise your concerns. In our experience, people tend to choose an alternative over calling in unless you call them and ask for their feedback first.

When members receive a call, they take it as a gesture of goodwill and a sign of professionalism, and their feedback helps you make your products and services better. The first 30 days of joining are the most crucial in this regard, as the members acclimatize during this period. By contacting your members within this period and keeping in regular contact you can reduce churn and increase engagement levels to a considerable degree.

By correctly onboarding new members and showing that you care about them and acknowledge the value of their spending in your business from time to time, you show that you care about their experience, resulting in an increase in their loyalty towards your organization.

There are many other aspects like this one as well that play a major role in membership retention that the teams at Gen Leads are familiar with. They excel in a number of unique strategies that ensure the members of an organization stay happy and content.

It is important to understand that whether the motive of an individual behind attaining membership is networking, corporate connections, or advocacy, one thing they want out of it is value against the cost they incur.

Our membership services offer your organization the opportunity to engage on a monthly or quarterly basis through our expertly-managed verbal outreach. We want to ensure that your members are not simply receiving automated emails or SMS messages; we believe in building a strong relationship between your business and your clients. With our help, you will be able to provide your member base with high-quality advocacy, corporate partnership, and networking opportunities.

Our services provide exceptional value by offering education, premium offers, and opportunities not found elsewhere. But we understand that the way in which this information is disseminated is key. That is why our service includes expertly-crafted phone calls to guide your clients through every aspect of their membership experience.

So, if you are worried about your organization’s lack of ability to manage the commitments needed for effective member engagement, then let Gen Leads take care of it. Our outsourced membership services allow you to focus on growing your membership base while we maintain the essential relationships you have worked hard to build.

Join us today, and let’s create a loyal sales cycle that drives the growth of your business.

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