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Genleads Membership Services

Memberships are a great way to generate recurring revenue from loyal, repeat customers. However, it’s one thing to attract a new member; it’s quite another to keep them interested and engaged to keep paying you! 

Being a member is about being a part of a community. Regular, one-to-one contact is key, therefore, when it comes to maintaining successful paid memberships. We take the time (that you don’t have) to connect with members, get their feedback, and show them they are valued and important. When you find where you belong, you stay where you belong. 

Members want to be seen and heard

As lead generation specialists, we’ve helped a lot of brands bring new people into their memberships, but we also know that the secret to successful membership programs is retention. 

Gen Leads has the formula to achieve both.

Experience tells us that members crave a personal touch, even more than discounts, perks, or special offers. Static rewards delivered through mass email marketing won’t generate the same warmth and loyalty as a phone call – nor will it remind members what they’re paying for.

Developing strong relationships is at the core of our business model. Let it be the core of your membership model, too! 

We care about our clients – just as you care about yours. Which is why we measure our success against your success.

In the fast-paced digital world, many businesses rely solely on inbound tactics to generate new sales leads. While inbound attraction is certainly an important function in any marketing strategy, this alone will not win you sales – or loyal, repeat customers. 

Outbound lead generation embraces the age-old power of human conversation, an art that the Gen Leads team has truly mastered. When used in conjunction with inbound strategies to gain a prospect’s attention, one-to-one telemarketing conversations offer the personal connection needed to nurture engagement and interest.

Converting leads into loyal, lasting members

Successfully managing a membership platform that keeps your members satisfied and engaged can be a full-time job – one that is particularly arduous if you don’t have the skills or confidence to speak on the phone with authority and flair.

The Gen Leads membership team knows how to make your members feel important, valued and acknowledged, regardless of what your membership platform offers. Our consultants will ensure your members receive personalised attention during the first 30 days of their membership – a time when building a strong foundation is most crucial.

Depending on your needs, we can then engage your members on a monthly or quarterly-basis through personalised phone calls, letting your members know they aren’t just an email address to you and that you want to make sure they’re getting what they signed up for. Whether you’re providing education, premium offers, or exclusive opportunities that can’t be accessed elsewhere, we’ll make sure they’re engaged and excited to renew! 

The Gen Leads approach combines the strengths of in-bound and out-bound marketing strategies to create a dynamic lead generation campaign.

Skilful nurturing during the first 30 days of membership
Thorough onboarding with regular engagement
Guaranteed verbal outreach – no automated SMS check-ins
Uncompromising value for money

Looking for better membership acquisition and retention?