Outsourced Business Development and Sales Manager

Powerful solutions for business development

Outsourced BDM

Every business should have a Business Development Manager (BDM) – someone who is focused on the next client when everyone else is busy with day-to-day operations, putting out fires or getting on top of the admin. 

Our skilled sales and business development professionals are thoroughly trained on your product, company ethos and culture to ensure they act as a seamless extension of your onsite team. An outsourced BDM can perform all aspects of the sales process from conducting demos, nurturing leads, right through to closing the sale. 

With business development packages designed to suit a range of business sizes and needs, Gen Leads offers the support, tools, and expertise needed to take your SaaS, Allied Health, or B2B business to the next level.

Grow with outsourced business development

Full-time BDMs can be costly for a small business and for those that do have one, they’re often at capacity. Engaging in sales outsourcing is the way smart companies balance their books. If we can grow a business to afford an in-house sales manager and do ourselves out of a job – we’ll consider our job done! 

Outsourced BDMs and Sales Managers are the cost-effective solution for businesses looking to expand in Australia. Our locally owned and operated BDM and Sales Manager service ensures you have boots on the ground with local knowledge and connections to help you launch faster and go further. 

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Branching into the Australian market from overseas?
Our Australian-based BDM and Sales Managers can help.

Support for your sales team

An overworked sales team can easily get caught up in converting current prospects, pushing new lead generation down the ever-growing to-list. While this can be great for this month’s targets, if you stop chasing leads, your sales funnel dries up. Simple as that.

How do you ensure your current clients are thoroughly nurtured while generating new leads to fill the funnel? Gen Leads’ highly experienced outsourced sales professionals are trained to generate leads and nurture prospects through to sale so that you can have your cake and eat it, too. 

Client-centric sales solutions

We understand the importance of building genuine human relationships with clients – it’s how we got started after all. Our sales managers are well-equipped to nurture potential prospects into warm leads, ready to build a strong relationship with your product and brand. 

An outsourced sales manager will strengthen the connection with incoming leads through regular phone conversations to allow your team to focus on converting sales at the end of the funnel. By the time prospects land on your lap, they are ready to make a purchase – and willing to stick around for many more. It ensures your internal sales function is well and truly a profit centre!

Discover how an outsourced sales professional can help you grow your business.