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Project Management

Every business wants leads – they’re your future clients, after all! But without the appropriate processes and systems in place to find and nurture each individual, every lead could very well become your competitor’s next client. 

With intimate knowledge of the role lead nurturing plays in converting sales into long-term customers, you can trust your Gen Leads project manager to not only design and deliver your campaign, but generate long-lasting results for your business. 

Your Vision. Our Expertise.

You’ve already envisioned the heights you want your business to reach – and the sales figures you need to achieve it. But how do you turn that dream into reality?

Project management is necessary for any successful campaign or program, but it can be a tough gig! It requires both big-picture vision and detail-oriented focus, which are polar opposite traits for many people! 

From managing a list of tasks and the people responsible for those tasks to keeping on track with follow-ups and deadlines, campaign managers need to be one step ahead at all times. Outsourcing your project management offers the perfect solution to growing your business without overburdening your existing team. Our skilled lead generation and customer retention strategists will oversee your campaign from start to finish, ensuring every i is dotted and every t is crossed.

Project Management with Gen Leads:

Understanding of your business goals
Defined project scope
Clear schedule and end dates
Utilising performance measures to achieve results – and pivoting if necessary
Innovative and collaborative communication

Project management professionals at your side

When you partner with Gen Leads, you’re not just partnering with booking consultants! You get a dedicated team focused on defining the project scope and outcomes, conducting thorough research, implementing appropriate workflows, assigning the right people to the right tasks, establishing realistic timeframes, and measuring agreed KPIs. 

For project management to be successful, you need:

A purpose-built system
A carefully-crafted playbook and KPIs
Exceptional organisation
Error-free data entry
Strong time management skills
Competent and confident leadership
Risk identifiers and mitigators
Managers who are flexible and adaptable

Project managers are specialists in marrying organisational-level strategy with technician-level detail to achieve the best outcomes. Our project managers take the time to get to know your business inside out to ensure every campaign delivers high-quality leads and high-quality outcomes.

Experience effective project management for your next lead campaign