What is a business without customers? Every business needs customers to be a success but more often than not Companies push their current clients to the side, in favor of new shiny customers, in hope that they will spend more. Nowadays business success is tied to customer success and ensuring your customers don’t feel like they have been used and disregarded for a higher spending client is important.

What is Customer Success?

Customer success is an important concept in business that emphasizes a customer-centric approach for success. It entails a long-term collaboration between businesses and their customers. Such a lifelong partnership can be brought about by a highly targeted and personalized approach towards individual customers.

Customer success accentuates that the customer is not just another number or profit centre. Since customers are human beings, they require personalized attention and the right level of social interaction from brands. Hence, customer success is all about the human side and how businesses can leverage it to their advantage for unprecedented customer loyalty and virtually non-existent churn.

Why is Customer Success Important?

Customer success is far more than just another fad or buzzword in the business world. And due to its effectiveness and pragmatism, it is here to stay.

Customer success is now equivalent to business success. Those that adopt it will reap the rewards while those that don’t do so are at their own peril.

Businesses of all kinds, from conglomerates all the way to proprietorships, including mom and pop shops, are using this concept as their primary weapon for increasing market share. Customer success is so crucial that it can spell the difference between exponential growth and bankruptcy.

It is all about keeping the customers first and designing your products, services, customer support and even internal workflow accordingly. Whatever needs to be done by way of business should be done with customer wants at the forefront.

Customer success aims to foster a relationship of trust, confidence and mutual-interest between customers and the businesses that they interact with. The business nurtures this relationship by providing goods, services and experience that will facilitate customers in successful resolution of their requirements and pain points. Thus, the success of a business is inextricably linked with how well your goods and services fulfill customer needs.

Acting in this way will ensure that customers will keep coming back to you for a long time to come. By providing services, goods and the experience that customers crave, you are motivating them stay loyal to you. With such an experience, customers will feel a disincentive in going elsewhere. Why leave something that works well for the unknown? This is basic human psychology since we are all motivated to continue working with those who value us as human beings and put our desires first.

Why Customer Success is an Ongoing Process

Hence, customer success is an ongoing process since it is necessary to act, according to customer wants at all points along the customer journey. Empathy is a key facet of customer success and it requires that you put yourself in the place of the customer at all times. Everything that you do must be done with the customer in mind. This may sound like a cliché but it is surprising how often it is overlooked. Even the biggest multinationals are sometimes guilty of neglecting customer wants to their peril. Thus, the biggest giants can come falling down if they don’t heed customer wants, that is, they fail to attach top priority to customer success.

Here is an example. Microsoft Windows 8 was supposed to be a different experience for customers. However, it was too different, even different from what customers wanted. Customers complained about many aspects, in particular they complained about the lack of the start button but Microsoft paid no heed. Windows 8 turned about to be a flop and it triggered a mass migration of customers towards Apple OS. To stop this, Microsoft caved in and finally included customer requirements, including the start button.Due regard to customer success finally managed to salvage the operating system.

The Telephone and Customer Success

As explained above, customer success is applicable to all touch points of the customer journey and has a key role in orchestrating a sublime customer experience. Hence, customer support and engagement via telephone is an important tool for customer success.

The telephone can help marketers, as well as support teams, achieve customers success.

Telemarketers must fully empathize with their customers to strike a chord and increase their chances of success. Even warm social interaction can lead to increased trust which is the foundation of all businesses.

Marketers have a much stronger chance of success with the telephone as compared to other mediums provided they work on warm leads and tailor the conversation exclusively around customer desires. Human beings naturally crave social interaction, attach importance to it and respond more positively. In comparison, marketers working with ads for instance, cannot rely on much needed social interaction to sway their customers. Thus, the telephone is an avenue, which you can reach out and engage to your prospects on a warm and personal level. Prospects and warm leads will take you much more seriously and respond better than advertisements and online content since the social factor in the latter two is missing.

Customer success is also well within reach for support staff thanks to the telephone. While live chat is becoming quite popular, it is not as effective as the telephone. Telephone-based customer service will always be integral to customer success because of ease of communication and high level of social interaction. It is also safe to say that most people communicate faster and more effortlessly by talking than through typing. These are all key aspects of telephone-based communication that can increase the chances of customer success.

Here is an example of how the telephone can help you to achieve customer success if used wisely.

Mark Cuban bought a stake when the Mavericks were floundering and losing matches with monotonous consistency. The team owner personally phoned irked fans who had given up attending matches due to bad team performance. Mark Cuban carefully listened to all irate fans, noted down their reservations and sat down to think about it. He then came up with answers to all reservations and personally convinced disgruntled fans to come back. Soon the Mavericks’ stadium was full and the franchise was profitable. In other words, Mark Cuban resorted to customer success to regain lost customers and maintain their loyalty.

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