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Your outsourced sales and marketing manager

Sales and marketing play a vital role in your business. They are the lifeline of every successful business, often forgotten about until sales are down!

Our Australian based sales and marketing managers ensure you have an avenue to define, accelerate and manage your brand and sales pipeline. Our role is to manage ongoing outreach to your prospects, customers and partners through digital and human to human interaction.

We function as an extension of your business geared to finding and innovating ways to maximise sales opportunities.


What type of businesses use an outsourced sales and marketing manager?

Outsourcing sales and marketing is for businesses that are looking to scale up by defining, managing and promoting their brand through lead generation services with a customer and client focus. If you find:

  • Your business branding is not on point
  • Your business is looking to improve its social media presence
  • You need a more constant flow of leads in your sales pipeline
  • You don’t have time to engage with new, current or potential clients
  • Your wanting a better sales and marketing strategy and implementation
  • Your looking to save cost when it comes to sales and marketing
  • You want your own sales and marketing team but are not ready to hire full time

What does an outsourced sales and marketing manager do?

A dedicated sales and marketing manager who will work with you on services such as:

  • Brand design and awareness
  • Social media management – Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIN
  • Email marketing
  • Web development
  • SEO
  • Animated video creation 
  • Creation of images and messages for circulation that convey brand values and drive sales 
  • Additional services available as required based on your marketing needs
  • Outbound calling approach (warm and cold)
  • Sales strategies
  • Building and maintaining client relations
  • Drive business growth
  • Database creation 
  • Additional services available as required based on your sales needs

There is no need to hire a marketing or sales manager when we can provide you with both at the same time with a huge cost saving!

How does outsourcing your sales and marketing work?

Together we go over your business, along with your current sales & marketing strategies, to gain an understanding of what you do, what you have done, where you are at with your sales and marketing and what you would like to achieve.  

We will then create a detailed sales and marketing plan which will be managed by your dedicated sales and marketing manager.

What are the costs involved with outsourcing your sales and marketing?

We promote flexibility and affordability as we understand how quickly businesses can overspend on marketing and sales. We have created a package to suit everyone’s needs and budgets.

Our packages are designed based on a weekly structure of 10, 15, 20 and 30 hours. 

There is no need to hire a marketing or sales manager when we can provide you with both at the same time with a huge cost saving!

10 hours = $450 + GST
15 hours = $675 + GST
20 hours = $900 + GST
30 hours = $1350 + GST

How do you get started with an outsourced sales or marketing manager?

If your a business owner, entrepreneur, freelancer or agency wanting to grow but don’t have the time or resources available to you,  

Book a call today to see how our approach can accelerate your business growth

Where are all of your staff located?

All of our staff are located in Australia.

Is there a set up fee?

Yes, there is a one off set up fee of $500 + GST which includes your initial marketing and sales strategy plan, dashboard set up and access, monthly report template creation, employee onboarding and training, gaining access to all relevant social media and email accounts. 

What are your payment terms?

All packages are direct debited from your account on the first of the month. Any start dates before the 1st will be charged on a prorata basis. 

Is there a commitment?

We work with our clients for a minimum of six months. 

How do you invoice for your services?

Our services are direct debited on the 1st of every month. Your first invoice may be prorated based on your sign up date. 

How much can I save per year by outsourcing my sales and marketing?

Our clients save an average of $55,000 a year by outsourcing their sales and marketing. 

Does the price include social media advertising?

Our clients set their own social media advertising budget which we work with in addition to our packages.

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